Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 23!

AC day 1!

Kinda crazy, at random my mom decided to surprise my sister and I with an early Christmas gift. She sent us to Atlantic City for two nights. It was pretty awesome, I had never been there before. She booked us at Caesar's and oh my goodness was it the nicest hotel I had ever stayed at! It was soo pretty and it was sooo cool I couldn't believe it. When we check in we were told they upgraded our room free of charge and we were on the very top floor. The view was beautiful!

So Caesar's is ridiculously huge. It has a two floor casino, restaurants everywhere and these florida room tunnels that connected you to the pier shops and the parking garage. Being that the place was so huge and Heather and I are so oblivious (though I seriously thought I was being observant) we lost the car in the immense parking lot. I swear we were on floor two, but the elevator buttons started on 4? Being so confused, and after the valet guys saw us clueless and circling again and again, we were eventually escorted around until we got to the car. After finally getting our stuff to bring to the room, the first order of business was to hook up my iPod to the stereo and have a dance party!
Normally I wouldn't dance in the window, but being we were on the 44th floor, I didn't really care lol.
Next order of business was to take corny pictures in the bathroom! The bathroom was so nuts. It was two rooms, there was a tv in the mirror, the shower was huge, stone and had a bench and there was a phone next to the toilet. Though to be completely honest I find that weird, and a bit gross lol.

The beds might have been one of the best parts of the hotel. I have never slept on a fluffier bed. It made me just want to sleep the entire time there. There was also an over abudence of pillows, in which Heather and I decided to make forts out of. This photo clearly shows my fort building skills are beyond superior to most.

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