Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 25!

AC day 3!
The saddest day : (

All in all AC was awesome. We didn't do too much, but it was just good to be away from home, socializing with random people and playing slots. AC even in the winter is still jumping. We watched people get escorted out, we watched the sweat drip down the guys at the poker tables, we watched the drunk girls try to walk in stilettos, we were put on the guest list at the Casbah, we had several drinks offered to be bought for us, though we didn't take any, we tripled our money at one point! Seriously started at $1 and ended with $3.08, but then we gambled it, and lost it again. Anddd what happens in AC doesn't always stay in AC, we may or may not have stole a small bottle or two of jelly off a room service cart near our door. lol

Here are two photos of the lobby, you can't take pictures of the casino itself.

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  1. Was there many moons ago. Very impressive! Especially your run up to $3.08!!!