Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 108!

Happy Day of the Dead!

I love Day of the Dead! Possibly for my slight sugar skull obsession, or how it's in so many cultures and religions, even if it does go by different names. I especially love how it's a celebration for the dead, you don't mourn over your lost loved ones, but instead you celebrate them. For the multiple holidays; Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Soul's Day, All Saint's Day, Samhain and whatever else, I made soul cakes!

I love these things, they're so heavy it's like a meal. It's great. Basically just butter, flour, eggs, sugar, and  some spices like ginger, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, makes a soul cake, which really looks like a cookie, but delicious either way.

The purpose of a soul cake is for every cake eaten a soul will be released from purgatory. I like to think that my souls cakes are so good that all souls are sent to heaven by them lol. I will admit, I make them through out the year sometimes. Not only are they pretty good, it's for a good cause, helping souls and all.

"Happy death day to you baby."


  1. How do you get the souls in the cakes?

  2. With a turkey baster. It's the only way suck it up and then inject it.