Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 111!

The one time I don't go to Visual Presentation, is the one time I should have sucked up the migraine and went. We were given a group project, groups picked by the professor, one class period to come up with a concept and a second class period to put the concept together. Basically we were told to pick a song and make a display for that song. Now being it's me, trying to be sorta neutral, I would have tried to convince the group to do a classic Bowie song (as opposed to Alien Ant Farm or my current obsession, Chiodos). Something related to New York, since we go to school there, or something like "Dancing In The Street, could have been cool. But since I wasn't there, the group decided to do Rihanna's song "Cheers". Oh so not my cup of tea, not my first choice in song, but who am I to say a thing, I wasn't there. The next class we put together the concept display. I did the masks and the silhouettes out of installation board. (Which is probably the source of my extreme headaches. )

Our idea was to have people having fun on the weekend at a rooftop party. The cut up images of Rihanna are supposed to represent city buildings. Even though I still don't like the song, the idea was pretty cool and probably well fitting for the demographics of our school. It's a fashion/business college who we have to appeal to, not my Bowie obsession.

After we rushed like madmen putting this together, two other visual professors, with ours, came in and critiqued our concept, which was competing against two other group's awesome concepts.

Basically we put together these concepts for one to be chosen and made into a full size version, displayed at LIM. A bit nerve racking. After we talked about all the displays, the professors as well as the students all voted. And our's won! Excitement! So the class as a whole was to work together on the project as our final.

And here is the finished product!

I helped a little with the background, the bricks, the buildings, the flowers, the dress on the right and the installation. Here and there I contributed. But I have to say the dress on the left was done all by me. Made of tissue paper, this thing took me hours and hours. I had minor help with the pleats on the chest by the awesome Brit, I had some trouble with them, but other than that, this baby was all me.

Too bad you can't steam tissue paper, some of the wrinkles, not meant to be there, were driving me nuts. 

Oh and I have to point out, the bricks under the railing and on the wall were painted by a girl Alex. I can't get over how well she painted them, they look so great.

"Cheers to the freakin' weekend."

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