Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 112!

For my internship/work I worked a private event at the St. Giles hotel. It was for Moms around the city to get together, relax, and check out some exclusive deals from some awesome retailers. I don't go to many fancy hotels so this was one of the fanciest I had ever been too. I guess it would have to be since it's in New York City.

Here is the front lobby, I tried not to be obvious taking the photo. I really should have taken my camera to get better photos. I wanted to get a shot of the bar they had there, Lex. My goodness was it fancy inside. The guys wore bow ties. How cute.

There were a lot of photographers at the event, so  I scoured the internet for some photos from the night. However I couldn't find anything but someone's flickr account. But hey I found a photo of me! Well part of me lol.

"Snapshot image without a sound"
I think I'm so funny sometimes. Figure it out  ;)

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