Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 31!

Not to sure if I should really consider this day 31, but since it was after 11:59 pm, I'll take it.

Sometimes when you least expect it you have more fun than planned. Hyper/delirious off of a good show, brownies and probably sleep deprivation, Rachael, Blake and I had a last minute slumber party in my overly cramped living room. It of course was awesome. Our night consisted of saying the most ridiculous things, or really mishearing the most ridiculous things and then not being able to stop laughing. I'd like to blame that on Rachael, her laugh is possibly contagious.

I brought almost every blanket from my room down to the living room, and if it wasn't for the fact I needed one of them, Rachael probably would have slept like this.

"He is a dude, right?" "I'm half cat." "You want my peas?" "Oh no I knocked over Nazareth...That's the nativity scene." "I think I just had an epiphany."

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