Saturday, January 8, 2011

The little bit of random...

This is a video from last night of TSL's new song. Slightly slow for them, but I don't care too much. I'm just in hopes that this new song means a new album is on its way. Fingers crossed.

After the original date was postponed due to snow, last night I finally got to see The Starting Line. It was absolutely amazing! To be honest there hasn't been a time where they weren't amazing and I've seen them about nine times or so. So you can't expect anything else but amazingness from them lol. As a whole the show was pretty killer. The crowd wasn't filled with teenie boppers (though I did give up my easy-to-see-the-stage spot on the steps to a ten year old boy). The supporting bands, Such Gold and Hit the Lights were way awesome too. The only thing that was eh was TSL didn't play much of their old stuff, which was upsetting/surprising. But after playing "Surprise, Surprise" and "This Ride", how could I complain?
So in my last post I listed things I learned from hanging out with Rachael. I'm making a new list..

Things Rachael learned from me, after seeing TSL:
1. You don't wear Uggs to a show.
2. It's not called a "T-shirt" table. It's a merch table and yup, everyone calls it that.
3. You don't wear Uggs to a show, just repeating it to stress it's importance.
4. There is at least a fifteen minute gap between bands.
5. Sometimes singers from other bands come on stage with the performing band, but it's cool.
6. Kira can be one of those show snobs, and she won't apologize for it.
7. If you want to get out of the cold and into the venue fast, pretend to be underage and go on the "Under 21" line.
8.  Oh and you don't wear Uggs to a show.

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