Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Disclaimer: Articles that come from websites that feature other articles about celebs with bad teeth and have gangsters of the mouth, should be considered as creditable, reputable, and all around 100% accurate in all that they say.
Disclaimer about my disclaimer: Above should be read with obvious sarcasm in mind.

A few people I know have brought this article to my attention. And while I don't want to give the author the satisfaction that it caused yet one more person to talk about it, I must. First the article will probably lower your IQ a few points after reading, but then will make you severely laugh, which I did. It's so unbelievably offensive and ludicrous that you begin to laugh and say "aw poor kid, you're just indirectly trying to get back at your ex girlfriend, aren't you?" It's quite obvious, and sad that he had to do it this way, because he didn't make the fashion student look bad, he made himself look like an ignorant, moron.
 If you don't feel like reading the nonsensical article, I get it. So in a nutshell, it's an article about dating a fashion student and how you should never. Many of the reasons revolve around their excessive use of drugs and alcohol. The girls are said to be model wannabes that party every night, dress to the nines even during casual situations, fashion obsessed, and hardly eat. It also made fashion appear to be one of the most frivolous industries out there. If only this kid knew that it's one of the BIGGEST industries out there, because we aren't dealing with just clothes buddy, no it goes beyond that. But the ignorance of this author wouldn't allow him to know this. 
 Through a great use of contradictions and fictitious first-hand experiences, the entire article speaks about the Fashion Merchandising student. I used to be a FM student, I'm now doing Visual Merchandising instead, however the article still annoys me. Mainly because it calls out three very respected schools, one being mine. FIT, Parsons, and LIM. And if he researched anything other than "party girl" on Google images, he would have known these schools aren't easy to get into and to call them "schools" makes little sense when one is a prestigious design school, one revolves around business, and one is a state university that endless high end fashion designers have come from. Also I've learned more design programs than he can name. So to say the schools lack useful technology, do you know this yourself? Yeah, I kinda doubt that.
 I could sit here and refute every fabricated statement he made, but I simply don't have the time. But I'm sure this will help, let me explain my semester of school last fall. 7 classes, 1 internship, 2 jobs, 2 hours a day commuting on the train 5 days a week, countless sleepless nights, countless out of class hours spent in the studio. Astonishing that there's an overwhelming lack of drugs and alcohol in my schedule, mostly for the fact that the stereotype this guy created of a fashion student is completely false. If he had any clue at all he'd realize he basically described the lifestyle of a b-list celebrity because last time I checked, I don't have any "ins" to fashion week, nor can I afford a pair of Louboutins.
"Closing thought:" Some suggestions about the article…References would make your entire article more creditable, so why not try using them. Not to mention I wouldn't compare someone to Wiz Khalifa, waters down the article immensely. Also keep yourself unknown, because after your last break up lead you to write such an offensive thing, I doubt you would ever get a girlfriend if someone found out you were the author behind this.
Oh and lastly…what's you're deal with puffy sleeves? Napoleon liked them…just saying ;)

"If you're like me, then you know me. Oh, you know me, yeah, you know me. You don't know me."

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