Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 73!

No McDonald's, I'm not lovin' it.
So for breakfast I had McDonald's. I know very healthy. I got the egg and steak sandwich, probably the worst thing you can get on the breakfast menu. Already feeling guilty for the high in calorie, fat and sodium sandwich, Mickey D's had to put a lovely drawing of a cow on my sandwich, reminding me what I was about to eat. Goodness I could have done with out that. It's like Longhorn Steakhouse, an entire menu of beef entrees, at the same time an entire restaurant filled with cow heads on the walls. How can you eat a steak with a beady eyed cow staring at you?! It's difficult. For the McDonald's, I just reminded myself how questionable their meat is, and probably wasn't even real steak lol.
"I'll name the land Saqqara, which means golden arches in which we have before you walk in and sit. And our saying will be "I'm lovin' it"."

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