Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 81!

The Venetia Fair!
Drove an hour and a half for this...and I'd like to think it was well worth it. Every time The Venetia Fair hit Jersey, there was always something going on where I couldn't see them. FINALLY I was able to catch one of their shows. They are a pretty crazy band, full of ridiculous amounts of energy, they act insane. Which made it a killer show.

Being I'm way short, and the show was at a VFW where there was no stage, I wasn't able to get a photo of the full band.  After 11 years of going to shows, you get used to this. 

So I was only able to snap a shot of the singer, Benny. Not sure if you can see, but that's a bandage on his head, covering the stitches he got the previous day. Not sure what happened the night before, but he split his head open during their set. Insane.

I wasn't sure if going to Warped Tour this year was worth it, but they were my deciding factor. Can not wait! If you happen to like MSI and The Matches, and some other band I can't figure out which though, you would like The Venetia Fair, it's like those two (possibly three) bands put together. So check them out. They have a new EP out, "The Pits", and the song "I'm Still Amazed" is nuts.

Also, while Shawn Harris used to be my ultimate "band dude" crush (I don't have too many of those btw), being The Matches broke up, Shawn's style is rather interesting, but not the same as it used to be, I don't think I still have the same crush on him as I once did. And I think Benny may be the new replacement, he is quite a good looking dude. lol. We'll see.

Just want to clarify, "band dude" crushes are not the same as regular crushes. Band dude crushes are rather safe, since they are fanciful/will never happen, you can't get hurt by them, unlike real crushes. Also, having real crushes on band dudes is kinda lame. Just saying.

"It’s safe to say that you’ve got no idea what you’re in for."

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