Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 77!

"Blood on the moon! Where's my tiger's eye?"
-Practical Magic
Late night trip to Laurence Harbor with my mom and Blake! 

When I got home from work I noticed that there was blood on the moon. (Basically the sun reflecting on the moon causing red/orange spots on the moons, sometimes making it totally red/orange also.) Since I was younger, after seeing the movie Practical Magic, I always quote Gillian (Nicole Kidman) when she sees blood on the moon, and I myself get my tiger's eye stone. Because the moon looked so awesome, we wanted to get a better view of it, and we decided to hit the beach. (With my tiger's eye and camera of course.)

By the time we got to the LH, of course the moon wasn't as big as the half hour earlier and the red spots were gone. But still pretty cool looking.

It was a bit eerie on the boardwalk, there was no one there. Go figure, 10:30 at night and no people by the water? lol. We did find a whole bunch of snails though. And I mean a whole bunch. It got to the point we were cautiously walking, afraid we'd step on the poor things. 

After an hour or so of walking we went home. And when we got there, we found a little ladybug hanging out on our chandelier.  I love ladybugs so I found this awesome but especially awesome since there was blood on the moon and that is usually seen as bad luck. I feel as if the the ladybug counteracted that for us. 

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