Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 79!

Operation Recon Rescue 
(or what I call it)
Operation DVD Rescue

My friend Rachael was friends with this boy, and I'm not giving any names or much about him other than his code name is Nick and we don't like Nick too much. While Nick was still cool and all he had borrowed about ten dvds from Rachael, when he became a... not so cool dude anymore Rachael of course wanted her dvds back. Now for the problem, coming up with every excuse possible for about five days, it was seeming as if Nick was never going to return the dvds.

(the dvd collection)

After getting annoyed of hearing the runaround stories about why Nick couldn't bring the dvds to work, or to her house, or how he wouldn't be home for Rachael to pick them up herself, we decided we needed to do something about it. Especially for that fact that they weren't actually Rachael's dvds, but her dad's. And he was giving her a deadline for her to get them back before he himself stepped in. Goodness we couldn't let that happen.

So this could be my longest post ever, but instead I shall give the cliff notes version. Basically we drove to Nick's house to get the dvds and to our dismay, he wasn't lying, he wasn't home. Feeling defeated, we decided to drive home, half way down the highway we realized that we shouldn't have left and should have knocked on the door, hoping his roommate was there to give us the dvds. Collecting enough nerve we drove back, went straight up to the door step and knocked.

We waited, and waited and yup no one was home. We wanted proof we had enough nerve to even do this, so we took photos to document it. This is us on Nick's porch. Best and worst picture ever.

After feeling defeated for the second time we went back to the car and called Nick, or maybe he called us, I don't know, but it was a mix of phone tag there. We asked if he was close to home, he replied with a no, then he hung up. Living on a dead end cul-de-sac, we went to make a u-turn to drive home. As we turned and were behind a tree in the median, a car pulled onto the street. Nick's car! Not really sure why, but Rachael and I have done this before in her car, we started to scream. Even though he didn't see us. But anyways, we drove back and knocked on the door and when the door opened, it was truly priceless.

I would have taken a photo of Nick's expression, but that might have been weird. Especially since I assume Nick thinks we were following or waiting for him. But that's not true, our timing is simply impeccable. So instead I have a great reenactment sketch, which truly captures Nick beautifully. Look at that fancy popped collar and that jaw drop! In the end we got the dvds back, I'd like to think operation recon rescue was a success.

6 Things I learned from this experience.
1. Don't lend boys your dvd's  Don't lend boys your dad's dvd's.
2. We win!
3. Trees are very useful, you can hide behind them and cars wont see you as you make a u-turn.
4. Sometimes you have to do this on your own and not wait for others.
5. I'm not really good with cliff note versions.
6. Rachael and I might want to look into drawing classes.

"You got my sweaters, my hat. I can't find my cat! The hardest part of breaking up, is getting back your stuff."

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  1. Love it!!! the whole day was priceless lol.