Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 80!

More trips to Kennedy Park!

I try to post photos that defend Jersey, like the ones below, claiming Jersey isn't as gross as many think.

However it becomes really difficult to continue defending this place when you have stuff like this. Now being that half of my town was built on clay pits, one can assume the brownish/orangish color is just from the clay. But the green? I haven't a clue. Toxic waste possibly, from the 8 power plants in town?
Other weird stuff in this park, goodness is this list endless, a cat sanctuary. Nearing dark it was impossible to get a good photo of what I'm talking about. But basically within the woods there are tarps hung, warped wooden planks on the ground, crates, boxes and nasty fly infested cat food. It's the weirdest thing, but I assume someone feels bad for the massive amounts of stray cats in town, and made them an odd and primitive looking shelter. I didn't see many cats, but I did find one hiding in the bushes. I want to get a few good photos of the area and send them to Weird NJ, that would be awesome.

 Earlier I caught three boys fishing on this bridge. They were "big boy" enough to fish, but once they caught a fish, they freaked out, dropped it on the concrete and repeatedly kicked it until it fell off the bridge and landed in the water. I wish they would ban fishing at the park. I mean not only because of the boys, but for the fishing line always left behind that the ducks entangle themselves in, the fishing hooks always left, as well as the rubber worms and packaging. I don't even understand fishing at this park, you can't eat the fish, nor would you want to, I mean you did see that questionable green substance above right? lol

"At least I'm finally learning how. Things are really weird right now."

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