Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 65!

North-bound train on a Saturday. Here I come New York City. of the only two days I'm not riding into the city, and yet I still am. But it was cool, I had my internship and I actually like that place. Plus with a less crowded train I didn't feel silly taking a picture out the window.

I can't figure out if this building here is abandoned or not. Over grown with weeds and trees, broken windows and the lack of smoke coming from those smokestacks, would make one assume it is. However it's a factory, and that whole abandoned look may mean nothing. Plus every so often I spot trucks around. Well either way, I want to go explore this place/use it as a backdrop for a photo shoot. Not just this one specific place, but the nearby area too. Being the factory is on the water, across from it are docks/rocks, everything is covered in graffiti, as well as the buildings nearby are all broken down/for the most part knocked down. It's a complete mess, but on either side of the water, if you're into that whole urban look, both scenes would make some great edgy looking photos. I know a photo shoot will be unlikely, so really I'd just like to go check it out if nothing else, it's kinda awesome and creepy at the same time.

"When you're in need and desperate to fall asleep. Well ain't it wild, though aren't you tired? Oh, isn't it making you lose your mind?"

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