Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 66!

For every spontaneous action there is an intended reaction...

Finals week, probably the most stressful week next to midterms. Most projects have been completed, but not all and that is why the visual lab has become my new home. Tuesday I got to school as soon as the automatic doors permitted, at 7am. The plan was get there early, leave early...yeah right!

While working on my projects, through out the day I was getting updates on Twitter from the band Maniac, which consists of Shawn, formally from The Matches and Jake, from Something With Numbers, saying they were on their way to New York City. This being a very big deal for that fact that they traveled from Los Angeles to New York, with minimal bags, money and plan, not to mention they were hitch hiking all the way over. Crazy! They were doing this for a documentary, their friend Emily, who went as well, documented the entire thing.

Not even remotely done with my projects I get a tweet saying they'll be in Union Square playing by the L train, which is about 2 miles away from my school. Ahh! What to do, what to do? Not done with my work, but not wanting to miss Maniac, I contemplated for about 45 minutes, realizing I was about to hit the 11th hour of sitting in the visual lab, I left ALL of my stuff in the room and bolted to Union Square. No joke, I don't think I ever walked so fast, there and back was probably done in record timing for me!

I couldn't stay the entire time they played, though I would have loved to. But I seriously left everything in the lab, including my MacBook, not too smart, plus I had major work to still get done. It was well worth leaving for the hour and a half though, I had to get out of the lab, get some vitamin D. Also I couldn't miss out on seeing Maniac/Shawn Harris, I not-so-secretly have had a crush on him since I was either 15 or 16. Also I may be in the documentary, which will be just lovely because you know being up since 3:30 am and then running nearly 2 miles in the humidity leaves you looking the best you ever will and all. Psh lol.

Oh so my spontaneous action for the day was definitely going to see Maniac. The intended reaction... Ego boost! Eh it's hard to explain...lol

As I always do when I talk about bands, I demand you to go check out Maniac...please.

You should also check out Emily, the photographer/videographer, she was the sweetest person!

"If you ever give your best, we'll give it better."

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