Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 70!

"This place is not quite what it seems...

Taking advantage of the last days of having my monthly train pass until August, I decided that Friday I was going into the city, taking pictures of almost everything I never got the chance to. I didn't really get to go everywhere I wanted but it was fine, especially since Dan came and joined me.

So I was a tourist for the day. Ughh. In Time Square there is a gigantic tv screen (whoa a tv in T/S?! jk). Somewhere there is a camera, capturing the city street on the screen. And of course I took a picture of myself on the screen. It's like Where's Waldo, can you fine me?

On the list of places to go was Toys "R" Us, I'll talk more about that place in a later post.  This is Dan with King Kandy of Candyland. Maybe it's just me, but aren't you not supposed to touch royalty? Jeez Dan.

You can't go to the city without going to Central Park. Also, you can't go to Central park without being bombarded by several different men, most of which, and not all , that are creepy, asking if you'd like a ride around the park. Basically you sit in a basket, while they pull you around by a bike and talk to you about the many things of Central Park. Even though it was ridiculously hot, humid and a bit hazy, and I did walk us in a circle in the park, getting us slightly lost, I preferred just to walk.
"So we can take long walks through Central Park"

At one point we were going to visit the zoo, however with the sounds of screams we decided against it. Dan claimed that the animals had escaped the zoo. Which animals you ask? The snakes, lions, possibly penguins? No the 1,000 screaming children! There must have been 30 different day camps that came to visit the park that day. I don't mind kids at all, so I didn't care they were everywhere. The only thing that got to me was the screaming and having them run around/almost knock you down. That can get a bit frustrating.

If you are ever to visit NYC you need three days alone just for Central Park. There's so much there, you don't even realize it.

Like the Belvedere Castle. For free you can go inside to the very top, for an awesome view. These are the ridiculously narrow stairs inside that only allows one person to go either up or down at a time.

Here is the view. I didn't really get a good look of the castle itself and I wish I did because when I looked it up online it's stunning. And not what you would expect in New York City. You should definitely look it up to see what I mean. BTW Belvedere means beautiful view in italian, very fitting. Belvedere Castle
An albino pigeon! Okay, probably not.

Dan looks like Indiana Jones.

Bryant Park. What a hot spot. Imagine what this place will look like mid-June when the sod finally sets in and you can sit on the grass.

It's a must, when I'm in the city with Dan, that we go to our favorite Thai restaurant Bangkok House. However, still on my strict diet from the virus I had, I wasn't allowed dairy or spicy food. Perfect when I always order a thai iced tea and vegetables in basil sauce. So instead we ordered two vegan smoothies at Jamba Juice.
Small note: I have "mad respect" for anyone that is vegan or has been on a diet before. You are left with very view options in what you can eat. It's terrible!

....Or anything that I was told it'd be. New York, you know you make my heart skip."

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