Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 68!

LittleMissMatched and Billy Elliot photo shoot! So exciting!

The little girls from the Broadway show Billy Elliot came to the LittleMissMatched flagship store on 5th Ave in NYC. They were the cutest kids. The event was about jumping for the stars, so in the back of the store we had a mini photo shoot set up, where anyone could come in and jump for the stars alone or with the Billy Elliot dancers. It was a lot of fun and what was even better, I was the photographer! I had sooo much fun doing that. If you want to see all of the photos you can find them on LittleMissMatched's Facebook page, some of them are just too funny. Here is my shot, lol.

Yup, I'm wearing a tutu! You were supposed to dress up in some awesome LMM gear or a tutu, I opted for the tutu, seeing how it matched my cupcake pin.

During the photo shoot I met a lot of interesting people, one being this lady from Rio de Janeiro. She gave me her business card, too bad I haven't a clue what it says : (

BTW I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but I've been interning with the marketing department of LittleMissMatched since February. It's been an awesome experience so far. If you've never heard of LMM, it's one of the coolest brands. Their whole concept is all about mismatching. They sell much more than this now, but they started with socks. Selling them by the threes they mismatch, but still have a theme so you know they go together. It's actually really cool, and you might want to check them out.

Here's what the 5th Ave store looks like.

Also if you know any girls between the ages of 8 and 14 that have nothing to do this summer, LMM is offering this really cool virtual apprenticeship program. They have three different programs, one for blogging, photography and product design and they are totally free, which is even better! For more details go to

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