Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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If at first you don't succeed...



For about a week I had been trying to get a decent photo of Foot Locker's window display, and failed at all attempts. So googling an image was the next best option. The reason for the photo is because it's resemblance to Johnny Cupcakes. Johnny Cupcakes is a Boston based brand that sells cool items like shirts and accessories with their cupcake and crossbones logo. That was probably the worst description of a company, ever. So you are probably better off just going to Their stuff is extremely cute.

So Foot Locker's theme is all about being "fresh" and "hot", which is a great concept but I don't understand how it goes with their display. The fridge displaying the shoes is an obvious, but the "hot" part, not as much. There should be something more possibly. I also feel as if they severely copied Johnny Cupcakes' long on going theme.

Similar much? A bit. Adorable and awesome? A lot! Johnny Cupcakes interior designing might be one of my favorites in store design, it's so much fun and creative. I've yet to visit one of the Johnny Cupcakes stores, but I really hope to soon.

Anyways, I'm not saying that Foot Locker's display isn't cool, I really do like the concept. But Johnny Cupcakes does it much better.

Oh and that "something more" to be added for Foot Locker's oven displaying shoes possibly? It would go with the "hot" concept, portraying freshly baked shoes.

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